It pays to bet on the home matches of Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Barcelona and Real Madrid dominated Spanish football. It is therefore possible to achieve consistent profits by betting on their win in the game, they play at home? A possible by betting with disabilities (instead of the classic 1×2 betting) achieve more wins?

Over the last 30 years, won the title of one of these two teams 24 times – including the last nine. A Real Madrid during his recent hot streak has created five new records – most points, most goals, most wins, most wins out and the greatest goal difference.

Barcelona is doing likewise, so it is not surprising that the odds of winning these two Spanish giants in home matches are quite a few low. They also include such value? To find out, we compared courses over the past 5 years.

1×2 betting wins in home games in La Liga
If you bet $10 to win Real Madrid in every home game for the past 5 years, you would have won $1,037.59. After deducting the amount wagered ($940), you would remain a net profit of $97.59.

Despite the high vypisovaným courses for visiting teams at San Bernabeu, if every game bet $10 to win yet, would you generally $318.80 in overdraft. The worst possibility is to draw – bets worth $940 would lead to winning just $298th

Although $97.59 seems like a low profit, if you always win at Real bet $100, the result would have achieved much “šťavnatějšího ‘profits totaling $970.59. If he’s added some good bonuses like. Bet without risk of up to 3 000 CZK, which (among other promotions) offers Sportingbet, the gain would be more than decent.

With Barcelona’s worse. If you bet $10 to win FCB every home game, your net profit would be only by $1. If you bet $10 to defeat (the away team to win), you would have lost $115.70. Given the form of Barcelona in recent years it has punters great confidence, leading to a reduction in rates – especially in matches that Barcelona plays at home.

Betting on winning home games in La Liga with a handicap

1×2 bets have their advantages, but in this case it is better betting with disabilities.

During the last 5 years Real handicap cover 53x, 36x and it did not cover compared 5x (when settlement occurs refund bets). This means that if you bet on every home match $10 to win Real handicap, you get $155, which is about $57.41 more than the administration of 1×2 betting (this is a 58% increase).

In the case of Barcelona betting you would achieve a profit of $15.74. Compared to raise $1 when submitting 1×2 betting is a 140% increase! Again, the use of bonuses and promotions bookmakers – eg. Bets without risk – can significantly increase your profit.

Choosing the perfect bookmaker

Choosing the right bookmaker is simple. Many novice punters wrong decision and is preparing to make a profit. When choosing sázkovky you need to consider a number of factors. The most important of them, we introduce in this two-part article.

Evolution in online betting

Over the past decade, online betting has shifted tremendously. Even a few years ago, there was much less bookmakers as internet had fewer people and fewer still indulged online betting. Sázkovky thus offering less (or none at all) bonuses and a smaller selection of betting opportunities.

Over time originated more and more bookmakers, which means only one thing – the market is more competitive and wants to given sportsbook succeed, it must offer the best bonuses, have good customer support, offering a wide range of betting opportunities and overall user betting as much as possible pleasant. Most bookmakers relies mainly on the great bonuses and free bets – viz. Some examples:

  • Sportingbet offers a risk-free bet of up to CZK 3,000, bonus calendar, VIP club and other promotions.
  • Unibet offers a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to CZK 2,500 and € 10 bet via mobile phone without risk.
  • Expekt offer risk-free bet of up to CZK 1,500.
  • Betclic offers risk-free bet of up to CZK 1,000.
  • Bet-at-Home offers a deposit bonus of up to CZK 5,000.

A similar way we could continue for a long time. Offered bonuses and free bets risks can significantly increase your starting bankroll, but there are other factors that you in the selection should take into account. Of course, you do not have to account for only one bookmaker, just the opposite – if you have accounts with several sázkovek, you’ll be able to use a larger amount of bonuses and always bet u sázkovky that the given match offers the best rate.

Security Finance and range of betting opportunities

Sure you want to make sure that your money will be safe. For this reason, you should avoid dubious sázkovkám and choose from a rather well-known bookmakers, who already operate in the market for some time, are fully in English and have a valid license (ideally within the EU).

Next you should focus on what selection of betting opportunities sázkovka offers. If eg. Like betting on horse races, definitely do not want to register with sázkovky that these betting offers minimum. The advantage is that large bookmakers cover all sports, so between 5 to 10 sázkovkami largest in this virtually no difference.

When deciding help our list of validated bookmakers. All the agencies in this list are reputable, offering favorable bonuses and are fully in English. Each office has overall assessment on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent.

Where to start

In the world of betting has punter (= customer) great power. Selection of bookmakers is also very important, as good bonuses and favorable exchange rates in the long term can put together a truly negligible amount. If you are in the world of betting entirely new, we recommend that you first read our articles describing the basics of betting. You will get a better idea of ​​the “ecosystem” and you will have a better chance of success!